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(AEM Software)
(AEM Software)
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!width="50%"|User Interface
!width="50%"|User Interface
|[http://www.strackconsulting.com/aem-products/ SLWL (comes with book Groundwater Mechanics)] || [http://www.groundwatermodels.com/ESI_Software.php WINFLOW/AquiferWin32]  
|[http://www.strackconsultingllc.com/aem-products/ SLWL (comes with book Groundwater Mechanics)] || [http://www.groundwatermodels.com/ESI_Software.php WINFLOW/AquiferWin32]  
|SLAEM || [http://www.strackconsulting.com/aem-products/ SLAEM]  
|SLAEM || [http://www.strackconsulting.com/aem-products/ SLAEM]  

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AEM Software

The Analytic Element community has been very prolific with respect to the creation of software packages implementing the method. They are presented here in two categories, one referred to as computational engines, usually in fact full modeling software, either for research, specialized use, or command line or script driven, and User Interface, which include computational engine(s) along with a user interface, project database, mapping window, graphical output/export, etc., for the purpose of facilitating the design of groundwater models.

Computational Engine User Interface
SLWL (comes with book Groundwater Mechanics) WINFLOW/AquiferWin32
CZAEM [command line]
Igor Jankovic's Split [ArcAEM, Visual AEM
3DFlow [command line]
PhreFlow [command line]
AnAqSim AnAqSim
TimML Visual AEM
TTim [command line]
AEM-Based Transport Simulators
Cardinal(bluebird) Visual AEM
Karl Bandilla's Robin(split) [command line]