Library of analytic element solutions

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analytic and analytic element solutions (Strack,1989 classification)

horizontal confined flow

one-dimensional flow

radial flow

two-dimensional flow

shallow unconfined flow

one-dimensional flow

two-dimensional flow

combined shallow confined and unconfined flow

one-dimensional flow

radial flow

shallow unconfined flow with rainfall

shallow interface flow

aquifers with vertically varying hydraulic conductivity

shallow flow in aquifers with clay laminae

shallow interface flow in aquifers with impermeable laminae

shallow semiconfined flow

shallow flow in systems of aquifers separated by leaky layers

transient shallow flow

two-dimensional flow in the vertical plane

three-dimensional flow

analytical solutions (Bruggeman,1999 classification)

Phreatic groundwater

Exact solutions

One-dimensional horizontal flow

Two-dimensional radial-symmetric horizontal flow

General two-dimensional horizontal flow

Confined groundwater

One-dimensional flow

Two-dimensional radial-symmetric flow

General two-dimensional flow

Three-dimensional spherical flow

Three-dimensional axial-symmetric flow

General three-dimensional flow

Multi-layer systems


Density flow (interface)