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McLane Environmental offers new AEM tutorials & training

flexAEM System offers an easy introduction to groundwater modeling using analytic element software. The system consists of hands-on tutorials, courses, software tools, and “best practice” tips to introduce you to analytic element modeling at your own pace. flexAEM materials are designed to help experienced modelers add a fast and powerful new technique to their toolkit, or to help hydrogeologists and engineers make the calculations they need without the steep learning curve of complex modeling software.

Visit for more information.

AnAqSimEdu - new free educational version of AnAqSim (analytic aquifer simulator).

AnAqSimEdu was developed as a supplement to the 2nd edition of the textbook Groundwater Science, published by Elsevier. AnAqSimEdu simulates single-layer steady flow with confined, unconfined, and interface domains. Allows heterogeneity and anisotropy. Line boundaries include: head-specified, normal flux-specified, river, interdomain. Nice user interface. Available at this link:

Recent Publications in the AEM wikibib

Strack, O.D.L., and Taha Namazi, 2014. A new formulation for steady multiquifer flow: an analytic element for piecewise constant infiltration, Water Resources Research, 50, 7939-7956, doi:10.1002/2014WR015479.

Fitts, Charles R., Joshua Godwin, Kathleen Feiner, Charles McLane, and Seth Mullendore. 2014. Analytic element modeling of steady interface flow in multilayer aquifers using AnAqSim, Ground Water, doi:1111/gwat.12225.

Steward, David R., and Andrew J. Allen, 2013. The analytic element method for rectangular gridded domains, benchmark comparisons and application to the High Plains Aquifer, Advances in Water Resources,, open access.