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The Groundwater Gourmet is a place for community contributions of recipes, howtos and examples for analytical and numerical modeling of ground water flow and transport.

Groundwater Gourmet wiki uses a subset of TeX, including some extensions from LaTeX and AMSLaTeX, for mathematical formulae. Thus, only a limited part of the full TeX language is supported. Here is a guide for math syntax. WEBMASTER COMMENT - THE TeX MATH CAPABILITY IS UNDER REPAIR AS WE TRANSITION TO A NEW SERVER.

Please note that all contributions to the Groundwater Gourmet may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors, in the spirit of collegiality and peer review. Do not submit copyrighted work without permissions. You are encouraged to assign an open source license to your source code.

library of analytic solutions (under construction)


The software and code available herein will ideally act as the kernel to a single API-based software library that can be used for analytic element modeling with a wide variety of boundary conditions and geometries, an idea discussed in earnest at the 5th International Conference on the analytic element method.


analytic elements

  • Theis Solution (Transient)
  • Simple linesink
  • Circular area sink

other analytical solutions


Add your contribution here!

useful software snippets

groundwater/AEM specific functions

complex mathematical functions

  • Optimized calculation of <math>\ln \left(\tfrac{Z-1}{Z+1}\right)</math> (logZp1oZm1)
    • Who knew this routine was such a CPU hog?
  • Laurent series algorithm (real or complex coefficients)

common mathematical functions

geometric functions


Not sure, but perhaps tricks of the trade in solution techniques, modeling practice.


laboratory experiments/physical analoges (e.g., Hele shaw)

numerical laboratories


GTRAN3D is an OpenGL-based integrated visualization software package for interactive 3D modeling of advective and diffusive contaminant transport in groundwater. The software is designed for visualizations of contaminant spreading caused by aquifer heterogeneities with applications both in teaching and in research.

3dspheres.png Live Science shows a 3D ground water flow visualization from the GTRAN3D model.

benchmark and example problems (inspired by Genevieve Segol, 1994)

One- and Two-Dimensional Groundwater Flow in Saturated Media

One- and Two-Dimensional Mass Transport in Saturated Media

Salt-Water Intrusion

One- and Two-Dimensional Groundwater Flow and Mass Transport in Unsaturated Media

Three-Dimensional Groundwater Flow and Mass Transport

controlled field experiments

Camp Borden, Ontario

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Macro-Dispersion Experiment (MADE) site in Alabama