Organizing Committee: Wim de Lange, Chair, RIZA; J.C. Hooghart, TNO the Netherlands; T.N. Olsthoorn, Amsterdam Water Supply; K. Kovar, National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection, the Netherlands; S. Kraemer, USEPA; J. Wittman, Indiana Univ., J.L. van der Meij, TNO the Netherlands

Scientific Committee: Prof. dr J.C. van Dam, Delft  Univ. of Technology; Prof. dr R.A. Feddes, Wageningen Agricultural Univ.; Pro.f dr H Haitjema, Indiana Univ.; C.J. Hemker, Free Univ of Amsterdam; Prof. dr W. Kinzelbach, ETH Switzerland; Dr. C. Maas, Kiwa, the Netherlands; Prof. dr O.D.L. Strack, Univ. Minnesota; Prof. dr A. Verruijt, Delft Univ. Technology


Governmental groundwater management using large analytic element models.
    D. Jakes (USA) and W.J de Lange (The Netherlands)

When did we use elements, finite differences or analytic elements at the Amsterdam Water Supply?
    T.N. Olsthoorn (The Netherlands)

Analytical solutions versus numerical solutions in groundwater modeling.
    W. Kinzelbach (Switzerland)

Principles of the analytic element method.
    O.D.L. Strack (USA)

Modeling applications

Analytic element modeling of the Yucca mountain site, Nevada, USA.
    M. Bakker, E.J.Anderson, O.D.L.Strack (USA) and N.Olsthoorn (The Netherlands)

Application of a national groundwater model for ecological issues.
    H.B. Bos, W.J. de Lange and F.A.M. Claessen (The Netherlands)

Development of a regional groundwater flow model for the twin cities metropolitan area, USA.
    J.K. Seaberg, D.D. Hansen, B.W. Block, A.R. Streitz, M. Bakker (USA) and W.J. de Lange (The Netherlands)

Immersion influence and preventive measures study for Laohekou City by analytic element method.
    Changyu Wu (China)

Comprehensive well field modeling for Marion County, Indiana.
    J. Wittman, H. Haigema and G. Lindsey (USA)

Onsite real time interpretation using the derivative approach: Application to a deep water well in fissured granite.
    J. Delouvrier and J. Darcy (France)

Analytic element model analysis of the influence of different scenarios for 105 the water level in a future retention basin, on local and regional hydrology.
    J.H.N. Moorman (The Netherlands)

Regional-scale ground-water modeling of the Delmarva Peninsula (USA) using analytic elements.
    S.R. Kraemer (USA), W.J. de Lange (The Netherlands)

Modeling including density-driven flow

Three-dimensional density-dependent groundwater flow.
    B. Minnema and J.L. van der Meij (The Netherlands)

Modeling a density plume with MVAEM
    W.J. Zaadnoordijk (The Netherlands)

On the effects of three-dimensional density variation in groundwater flow on the head and flow distribution in a multi-aquifer system.
    W.J. de Lange (The Netherlands)

Unsaturated flow, interaction surface water - groundwater

Modeling brackish groundwater flow at the Berkheide deep well recharge project.
    M.W. van Gerven and M.W. Kortleve (The Netherlands)

Modelling of the effect of sea-level rise and landsubsidence on the evolution of the groundwater density in the subsoil of the northern part of the Netherlands.
    J.L. van der Meij, B. Minnema and H.S. Nieuwenhuis (The Netherlands)

The depuit approximation for variable density flow in coastal aquifers.
    M. Bakker (USA)

Finite analytic - strongly implicit procedure for variably saturated porous media.
    M.S.M. Kumar, R. Helmig and K.S. Hari Prasad (Germany/India)

An analytic-based Cauchy boundary condition to simulate the interaction between many surface waters and groundwater.
    W.J. de Lange (The Netherlands)

MONA, an analytic based interface for the connection between the Dutch nationwide models for unsaturated and saturated groundwater flow.
    J.A.P.H. Vermulst, J. Hoogeveen and W.J. de Lange (The Netherlands)

Transport of solutes

Dispersion by adsorption.
    A. Verruijt (The Netherlands)

Analytical solutions for pumping tests in multi-layered complexes and for mass transport with variable velocity.
    H.D.Voigt and F. Haefner (Germany)

Mixing cell transport for AEM flow: Coupling of analytic element flow with mixing cell transport by using groundwater flow for generation of cell network.
    G.J. Mulder, J. Taat, D.E. de Moissis and M.P.A. van de Heuvel (The Netherlands)

Two-dimensional flow through large numbers of circular inhomogeneities.
    R. Barnes and I. Jankovic (USA)

Numerical experiments on residence time.
    K.H.Luther and H.M. Haitjema (USA)

Bounds to the contamination of aquifers.
    C. Maas (The Netherlands)

Transient flow 1

Transient well flow in vertically heterogeneous aquifers.
    C.J. Hemker (The Netherlands)

Convergence of flow around theis wells to a specified steady state.
    J.W. Zaadnoordijk (The Netherlands)

An analytic element formulation for transient flow.
    O.D.L. Strack (USA)

Transient analytic element modeling: Application to an artificial recharge plant.
    M.H. Zwamborn and S.M.L. Verheijden (The Netherlands)

Transient flow 2

Unit response of a stream-non uniform aquifer system and application of convolution relation.
    H. Onder (Turkey)

Dynamics of the groundwater table.
    C. Maas (The Netherlands)

Developments strongly related to modeling practice

Keynote lecture
    H.M. Haitjema (USA)

An analytic element solution to unconfined flow near partially penetrating wells.
    K.H. Luther and H.M. Haitjema (USA)

An area-sink with a multi-quadric density distribution.
    O.D.L. Strack

The reconstruction of NAGROM (1996): experiences with the new version of Strack's analytic element method.
    J. Curlee and W.J. de Lange (The Netherlands)

A massively-parallel analytic element code.
    V.A. Kelson and H.M. Haitjema (USA)

The compilation, analysis, and use of databases for the twin cities metropolitan groundwater model, USA.
    A.R. Streitz and J.K. Seaberg (USA)

Theoretical Developments

Keynote lecture
    O.D.L.Strack (USA)

Three-dimensional flow through large numbers of spheroida ~ inhomogeneities.
    I. Jankovic and R. B nes (USA)

An analytic technique for handling coupled partial differential equations.
    E.J.M. Veling (The Netherlands)

An analytical solution for steady flow into a tunnel.
    Shizhong Lei (Canada)

The superblock approach for the analytic element method.
    O.D.L. Strack (USA)

Explicit analytic solutions to problems in groundwater flow.
    A.R. Kacimov, YU.V. Obnosov and N.D. Yakimov (Russia)

The perturbation method applied to upscaling of conductivity and rigidity parameters.
    W. Zijl (The Netherlands)

Analysis of different anisotropy models in groundwater flow calculations.
    A. Trykozko (Poland)

Aquifer system inhomogeneities.
    O.D.L. Strack (USA)

High order line elements for two-dimensional groundwater flow.
    I. Jankovic and R. Barnes (USA)

Closing Session and conclusions

Summary and conclusions of the conference.
J.C. van Dam (The Netherlands)

J. Ridder, deputy-director Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience TNO- National Geological Survey.


Applications possibilities of some models for contaminants transport through phreatic aquifer.
    A. Belie and S. Belie (Yugoslavia)

Richards'and potential models for moisture flow.
    A.R. Kacimov and N.D. Yakimov (Russia)

Parameter estimation in the Metro model, Twin Cities, USA.
    B.W. Block, D.Hansen, J.Seaberg, A.Streiz and M.Bakker (USA)

Province modeling in the Metro model, Twin Cities, USA.
    D. Hansen, B.W.Block, J.Seaberg, A.Streiz and M.Bakker (USA)

Modeling of groundwater flow at the large diameter well system in Sri Lanka with the radial flow model.
    C.S. de Silva (Sri Lanka)

Technical support for analytic element modeling. An internet webpage.
    S.R. Kraemer (USA)

The contribution of NAG ROM to the national analysis of regional groundwater flow systems.
    F. Kloosterman and B. Minnema (The Netherlands)

Analytical multi aquifer modeling with MLPU.
    P.R. Nienhuis (The Netherlands)


Simulation of salt water intrusion.
    B.Minnema (The Netherlands)

GL Flow, AEM groundwater flow model.
    V.A. Kelson (USA)

Front Identification.
    F. Haefner (Germany)


Labrador social, health and environmental changes.
    T.M. Humes (Canada)

commercial exhibition

Saphir, well test interpretation software.
    J. Delouvrier (France)

MLAEM, Multi-Layer Analytic Element Model.
    O.E. Strack, Strack Consulting (USA)

GL Flow.
    H.M. Haitjema (USA)